Script - Star Trek Mary Leakey

GROBERU (V.O.) This thing can’t be Starfleet issue, right? ZOOK (V.O.) Meh. I like to tinker.

Script - Star Trek Mary Leakey
The characters celebrating in the captain's ready room.

As I described in my last newsletter, I wrote a script for a Star Trek show featuring a new ship and all new characters. My initial plan was to 3D model and animate it, then I changed gears and was going to do it as a comic book, and finally, I ended up creating a one minute animation with an original music composition that I also wrote.

This week, I'm sharing the original script. Writing a script was challenging. I'm used to writing descriptions and having lots of inner monologues. Doing everything through dialog is tough. It was a fun challenge, and probably improved my dialog writing skills, but having done it, I think I prefer novel writing.

The script is 37 pages, so I'll post it as a pdf file you can download.

Here's an image of the first page to whet your whistle...

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