About Ingnomevation

About Ingnomevation
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I started Ingnomevation in January 2024 to share the fiction writing that I've done in the past and to distribute my next project. I'll save the long version for newsletters, but the short version is that I'm going to do my next story as a serial, and I hope to build an audience along the way.

In addition to sending out fiction, I'll also write a monthly newsletter and short articles about my writing process.

I've written several short stories (horror, thriller, and sci fi), one published novel called A Clockwork Murder, which is a murder mystery set in a fantasy world, and three children's books (Nerni Invents Clock, Nerni's Ingenious Inventions, and Nerni's Fantastic Friends).

My current work-in-progress is Under the Diamond Moon. In that story, a modern day wizard’s apprentice orchestrates a heist to keep a magical doomsday device out of the hands of a greedy corporation and avert a disaster.

My plan is to publish my other works here while I get a head start writing the first draft of Under the Diamond Moon. I'll publish it as I go, but don't worry, I'm plotting it out in detail ahead of time so I don't get stuck, go off the rails, paint myself into a corner, or otherwise run out of ideas.

Thanks for checking out my site, and I would appreciate it if you sign up for the free subscription.

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Free you say?

Yep. My day job pays the bills, and I write for fun. Obviously if I get an agent and sell my books one day, it'll be a different story, but for now, enjoy! If you want to support me, tell your friends to check out the site.

If you want to support with money, please look around your area and donate to a charity that helps the less fortunate people in your community.



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