Newsletter June 2024 - Start of Summer

Newsletter June 2024 - Start of Summer
Photo by cheng feng / Unsplash

Hi everyone,

June was another slow month for writing. It marked the end of the school year for the kids and a long family vacation. But we're back now and my younger child is excited to have the time to help me lay out the scene list. On the trip, she did read up on all the story docs, so she's up to date and ready to work.

On the trip, I listened to the audiobook version of Impact by Douglas Preston. It was a fun techno thriller with some interesting science/science fiction bits. Impact is the third in the "Wyman Ford" series, which starts with Tyrannosaur Canyon. It was great inspiration for my novel and I recommend it.

I've also been rereading Neuromancer by William Gibson. It's a interesting view of the near-ish future that's a bit dated, but nevertheless inspires me in my current story. I'm trying to imagine how the new future would look with magic-powered technology infusing everything, similar to how cyberspace and cybernetic body enhancements infused the world of Neuromancer. Worth reading if you haven't read it before.

I hope you have a great summer, and I hope to have bigger progress update next month.



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